Typography is the ultimate art meets science. Space, size, type of treatment / effects, selection of color, contrast - and more - go into each piece of engineering that involves the use of type. Typography is the art or technique of the type of organization. Typography is everywhere! Using the illustration of the text by the art of modern design there.

Typography allows each graphic designer to espress feelings in their projects. As you will see many of these works capture print much more than words on the page like a massege, advies, funny etc. In this post I have collected 45 + Printing impressive collection, I hope you will enjoy.


Fan Yang is an anime fantasy artist, lives in Shenzhen, a city near Hong Kong. She works as a texture and interface design games CATdaddy artist, while primarily 2D graphics and interface design. 

I have shere here some most beautiful anime illustrations by Fan Yang. It 'also known on DeviantArt as jiuge.

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